Galley, laundry and pantry equipment for ships


Our products respond to the three basic needs of every client: Quality, Cost, and Dependability.


Quality:  Because our clients look for the best for their constructions, the products should have a long life and satisfy all of the user’s requirements.


Cost:  We regularly review our production and administrative processes, simplifying procedures and increasing productivity.


Dependability:  We are committed to always deliver all of the acquired furniture and equipment on time and in perfect condition for installation.


Our catalogue is divided in six categories: Conservation, Preparation, Processing, Cleaning, Laundry & Furniture. Please review our product categories to find the products you may request.

The equipment of COCINAS BURAGLIA is specifically designed for the marine and off shore industry. Our products are designed for ease of use and for low maintenance. All the equipment we make is provided with different elements to guarantee the safety and hygiene on board.  For example, for stability inconvenience at sea, COCINAS BURAGLIA solves with elements such as:


  • Frontal, lateral, U-shape, or central handrails
  • Rolling bars
  • Fastening rings
  • Anchoring legs to the deck
  • Support blocks
  • Brackets
  • Safety switches and thermostats


Regarding hygiene, we know that the cleaning begins at the design of the equipment and the layout of the spaces. The easier cleaning is for a crew, the more it will be done.


  • We allows us to reduce the number of gaps and corners difficult to clean
  • All our workbenches are designed with rounded back splashes
  • Our products are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 upon request)
  • Equipment and furniture may be fitted with watertight bases
  • Detached control panel just in case the galley is cleaned with pressure water jets


We also contribute to sustainability and preservation of environment. All the refrigerant gases we use fulfill Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, they are CFC and HCFC free and fulfill CLEAN DESIGN policies.

  • page-prod-1_Cocinas Buraglia Handrail
  • page-prod-2_Cocinas Buraglia Anchoring feet to the deck
  • page-prod-3_Cocinas Buraglia Sea rolling bars
  • page-prod-4_Cocinas Buraglia Safety items