Galley, laundry and pantry equipment for ships



Working with COCINAS BURAGLIA provides our clients the opportunity to acquire technical consulting and products of the highest quality at very reasonable rates. These characteristics have enabled us to steadily gain market shares in countries wherein we have a current international presence.


Our mix of experience of over more than 50 years in the maritime industry, the drive for growth in new markets and the creation of new products and services that meet the most demanding requirements of our customers, make us certainly the most attractive option as equipment suppliers of galley, laundry and service areas.


COCINAS BURAGLIA has experienced steady growth in recent years despite the latest crisis in Europe. Our internationalization plans involve introducing our company at the few poles of naval activity where our products have not yet arrived. The experience gained through the very complex markets such as Brazil or India make us optimistic in undertaking this new expansion.


The engineering department regularly updates our product designs, innovates and proposes solutions that improve life on board. Our technical department has a strong know-how of the compliance rules to be followed (SOLAS, Marpol) and the working flows and processes to consider for the design of galley, laundry and pantry areas. We can also advise you and offer the most adequate equipment according to requirements, based on the crew and the ship’s functionality.


Our engineering department produces quickly and efficiently completes CAD-drawings on both lay out spaces and individual products, including information on dimensions, electrical and water-drainage connections, foot drawings and distance to bulkheads for maintenance. On special request, we can also provide 3D- drawings to illustrate specific either equipment or furniture.


COCINAS BURAGLIA seeks that every project is successful. We ensure:


  • Documents and controls for critical production processes
  • Quality plans in which the whole company participates and adapt to each project
  • Continuous training plans for the production personnel
  • Strict controls on the sub-contracted jobs and the material suppliers
  • Detailed verification of engineering designs
  • Regular calibration of the measurement and control equipment
  • Detailed reviews of each design and management’s concern about quality topics


The main characteristic of our company is its adaptability. We can satisfy any need that our clients have, both technically for the wide range of voltages and powers, stainless steel qualities and dimensions, as well as functionally for the adaptation of any requested design.


We are known for our flexibility to satisfy any need that our clients have (voltages, capacities, dimensions, stainless steel quality), and for our fast delivery of both products and spare parts to anywhere in the world


At COCINAS BURAGLIA we look for new ways to satisfy traditional needs, we offer our clients:


  • Unified solutions under a single supplier
  • Quality, flexibility at competitive prices
  • Experience, communication, dependability
  • Commitment to our clients at all stages of the relationship

After sales


Along with new equipment we provide manuals where end-users can find operating instructions, maintenances advice and spare parts drawing and lists. Some equipment and some client may request training, in that case technical personnel from our company trains end-users onsite.


Spare parts

Easy to find, easy to get, easy to replace. We guarantee spare parts for a minimum of ten years. Our manuals have detailed spare parts drawing that will enable you to find every part you would need to replace. Contacting our post sales department and getting a price quote is as easy as picking up the telephone. We will then ship the parts wherever you want all over the world. Most of the spare parts articles are stored at our main warehouse in Spain.


Guarantee services

The relationship between either our clients or the client of our client does not end after the delivery of the goods. Our post sales department takes care that all the equipment supplied runs smoothly without problems. We are always willing and able to help you with questions or issues you have with our equipment.