Galley, laundry and pantry equipment for ships


India’s Shipyards Attract European Orders as They Seek Global Role

As demand for global shipyard capacity rises, the Indian shipbuilding industry is seeking to attract more work from European shipowners. With the support of the Indian government, the industry is positioning for an expanded role in the global...

Petrobras fostering partnerships between local and foreign shipyards

Brazilian state-run oil company Petrobras, along with local petroleum institute IBP and export promotion agency Apex, is fostering partnerships between national and foreign shipyards in order to bring part of FPSO construction to the country. The aim is...

Feature: French contributor to China's modern shipbuilding industry

FUZHOU, May 4 (Xinhua) -- Located on the bank of the Majiang River in east China's Fuzhou, capital of Fujian Province, is the precious industrial and cultural heritage site known as the Foochow Arsenal, which stands as a witness to China's...

China: Largest shipbuilders plan to merge

China’s two largest shipbuilders are planning to merge, their listed arms said in separate exchange filings on Monday, the latest to join a wave of mergers among state-owned enterprises, reported the Wall Street Journal. The move by China Shipbuilding...


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Induction is like any other form of cooking, it uses heat. Therefore the results of induction heating have the same effect on food. The induction cooktop creates an electro-magnetic field that causes the metal of the pan itself to get hot.

Safety & Cleanliness

An induction burner turned on to full heat is still cool to the touch. As it heats metal, cookware will become hot, but the burner itself creates no heat. This makes induction much safer than traditional ranges. COCINAS BURAGLIA induction ranges have automatic detectors that shut off the burner when there is no pan present (electronic pot recognition), when the pan is empty (overheating protection), or when foreign objects fall onto the surface of the range indicator.