Galley, laundry and pantry equipment for ships


Japanese government considers integrating 15 yards to form shipbuilding super group

Japan is currently exploring the possibilities to integrate 15 major shipyards in the country under a so-called All Japan Shipbuilding merger plan, following similar steps by neighbouring shipbuilding rival countries China and South Korea, local...

South Korea’s HHI And DSME Shipyards Not Impacted By Coronavirus

South Korea might have been the country, after China, with the most reported cases of Coronavirus earlier this month, the two shipbuilding giants HHI and DSME appear to be unaffected

While the leading naval shipbuilders across Europe or the United States are impacted by the epidemic, with consequences on production and delivery likely, Naval News reached out to South Korea’s two leading shipbuilders. Hyundai Heavy Industries...

How The Coronavirus Is Impacting Europe’s Main Naval Shipbuilders ?

With Europe now at the epicenter of the Coronavirus crisis (according to the World Health Organization), here is an overview of the impact Covid19 has on the main naval shipbuilders of the "old continent".

Fincantieri stops production for 2 weeks Italian shipyard Fincantieri announced Friday that it was suspending production across its shipyards for a period of two weeks, because of the Coronavirus crisis. Fincantieri press release issued...

China, Japan, Singapore Pushing for Mergers in Shipbuilding Industry

China, Japan and Singapore are pushing for mergers in the shipbuilding industry with a business combination review going on for Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, which are the two largest shipbuilders in the world.

In China, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) approved a merger between China State Shipbuilding Company (CSSC) and China Shipbuilding Industry Company (CSIC) in November last year, which resulted in the establishment...


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Induction is like any other form of cooking, it uses heat. Therefore the results of induction heating have the same effect on food. The induction cooktop creates an electro-magnetic field that causes the metal of the pan itself to get hot.

Safety & Cleanliness

An induction burner turned on to full heat is still cool to the touch. As it heats metal, cookware will become hot, but the burner itself creates no heat. This makes induction much safer than traditional ranges. COCINAS BURAGLIA induction ranges have automatic detectors that shut off the burner when there is no pan present (electronic pot recognition), when the pan is empty (overheating protection), or when foreign objects fall onto the surface of the range indicator.