Galley, laundry and pantry equipment for ships


French shipbuilder sets up regional hub for research

Naval Group, the French shipbuilding behemoth contracted to produce 12 submarines for Australia, will set up a separate subsidiary company in Australia.

Headquartered in Sydney, with a presence in Melbourne and Adelaide, Naval Group Pacific will pioneer joint defence research partnerships with Australian universities and the CSIRO, as well as seeking involvement in the broadest range of Australian...

Australia needs a national shipbuilding authority

The latest salvo in the national debate about how best to spread the risks and benefits of the $300-billion naval shipbuilding plan is whether full-cycle docking of the Collins-class submarines should move from South Australia to Western Australia....

China to build naval ship for Thailand, the largest yet for a foreign country

China will build a Type 071E amphibious transport dock ship for export to Thailand, the largest naval ship the nation will have built for a foreign user.

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - China State Shipbuilding Corp (CSSC), a state-owned shipbuilding conglomerate and one of the major suppliers to the Chinese Navy, said last week that it had inked an agreement with the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) on...

Spanish Shipyard Repairs Moroccan Oceanographic Research Vessel

Moroccan authorities have contracted a shipyard company in Huelva, southern Spain, to repair the governmental oceanographic research vessel.

Rabat – The ship “Al Amir Moulay Abdallah,” built in the framework of Moroccan-Japanese cooperation, provided oceanographic services to the Moroccan Government and has severely deteriorated in recent years. National Institute for Fisheries...


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Induction is like any other form of cooking, it uses heat. Therefore the results of induction heating have the same effect on food. The induction cooktop creates an electro-magnetic field that causes the metal of the pan itself to get hot.

Safety & Cleanliness

An induction burner turned on to full heat is still cool to the touch. As it heats metal, cookware will become hot, but the burner itself creates no heat. This makes induction much safer than traditional ranges. COCINAS BURAGLIA induction ranges have automatic detectors that shut off the burner when there is no pan present (electronic pot recognition), when the pan is empty (overheating protection), or when foreign objects fall onto the surface of the range indicator.