Galley, laundry and pantry equipment for ships


France and Italy sign military shipbuilding alliance

France and Italy have signed an agreement to build a limited military shipbuilding alliance, a rare sign of progress in European defence consolidation and a signal of potentially easing tensions between the two countries.

On Friday, France’s state-owned Naval Group and Italy’s Fincantieri finally signed the 50-50 joint venture which will bid for joint projects and sell to the world market as the two companies look to push back against commercial threats from such...

Norway blacklists shipbuilders over human rights abuses

Norway is pushing to create a shipbuilding regulation akin to the ship recycling sector’s Hong Kong Convention whereby yards will be blacklisted for financing if they are found to have deficient labour and human rights standards.

The initiative is being led by the Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK), the giant Norwegian state-run financing institution. Speaking at a human rights in shipping seminar yesterday on the sidelines of the Nor-Shipping exhibition just outside...

Russian cutting-edge frigate to take part in international maritime show after sea trials

The Admiral Kasatonov, the first serial-produced Project 22350 warship built at the Severnaya Shipyard, is set to be delivered to the Russian Navy this year

ST. PETERSBURG, May 30. /TASS/. The Project 22350 newest frigate Admiral Kasatonov currently undergoing sea trials will take part in the International Maritime Defense Show and the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg, the press office of the Severnaya...

S. Korea: Shipbuilding region support program extended two years

A program supporting regions suffering as a result of the shipbuilding slump will be extended for two years, the government announced

Last year, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy designated a number of regions largely dependent on shipbuilding as special industrial crisis zones. They were provided with employment assistance and tax incentives. The designated regions include...


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Induction is like any other form of cooking, it uses heat. Therefore the results of induction heating have the same effect on food. The induction cooktop creates an electro-magnetic field that causes the metal of the pan itself to get hot.

Safety & Cleanliness

An induction burner turned on to full heat is still cool to the touch. As it heats metal, cookware will become hot, but the burner itself creates no heat. This makes induction much safer than traditional ranges. COCINAS BURAGLIA induction ranges have automatic detectors that shut off the burner when there is no pan present (electronic pot recognition), when the pan is empty (overheating protection), or when foreign objects fall onto the surface of the range indicator.